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Wishing all a Merry Christmas, a beautiful holiday season and a Happy New Year filled with an abundance of joy, love and light! 

2019 Yoga classes and workshop offerings will be posted mid-march. Namaste, Amy

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Amy Stephanik is available for private and semi-private
instruction, workshops and mentor sessions for yoga teachers
 looking to attune their teaching skills, May 1, 2019 through Dec 2019
Great way to deepen your personal practice, improve your teaching skills.
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  • All Levels - designed for individuals that have some yoga experience. Class begins with a formal centering, warm-ups follow and a mindful practice of moving through yoga postures with a focus on linking breath and movement with attention to alignment. Tapas (heat) is created in this practice in a safe and moderately challenging way. The class closes with a 5-8 minute savasana.

  • Beginners/Yoga Basics/Yoga Fundamentals- Students will learn basic, yet highly effective alignment techniques that will allow them to do Yoga with ease. This class  is designed to give students a basic foundation of yoga. Warm-ups will be similar with some variations each week. The focus will be on several posture each session that will help build strength and endurance, mentally & physically. This class is open to everyone especially beginners and students who have been away from their yoga practice and are looking to get started again.

  • Core Strengthening - Awesome class developing skill and stability for the student interested in advancing their asana practice. Some experience recommended.

  • Pranakriya Gentle Stretch - Give yourself  a break as you move through "Gentle Stretch". This class is a rhythmic flow of movements that supports the release of stress from the nervous system bringing balance and harmony to your body/mind. Feel the freedom of letting go of tension around the joints, relaxing tight muscles and finding a peaceful connection with your breath, your life force. Everyone welcome.

  • Huff & Puff - Not sure how to prepare the body/mind for meditation. This offerings is and opportunity for individuals to explore yoga breathwork (pranayama) in combination with  postures (asana) and meditation (dhyana). This is a perfect class for those looking to create a more spiritual practice.  Everyone welcome. Some yoga experience is helpful.

  • Kicked Up Asana - Intermediate practice L2-3. Well rounded, empowering and high energy flow promoting meditation in motion and building internal heat. Expect to get in deep; strengthening, lengthening and balancing mind, body and soul. Each class will vary in sequence but look for Inversions and/or arm balances and a touch of yin! All paired with some fun jams to keep a smile in your practice   

  • Meditative Posture Flow, Mind-Body-Breath. This class is appropriate for students who have experience. Postures may be held with long holding times and a focus on deep breathing. It provides a balance of stretching and strengthening for the body/mindind -This class is an Integration of  the essential yogic disciplines of asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork), and dhyana (meditation). When performed together these practices unlock the full power of yoga's sacred teachings. This inquiry-based practice is designed to re-establish the original context of postures as a doorway into the deeper dimensions of yoga. This powerful healing practice is open to all practitioners who share a sincere desire to practice yoga as a means of Self exploration and intended as an internal experience of connecting with spirit. 

  • Open - Mixed Levels - Modifications offered for all levels. Some experience is recommended.

  • Restorative- Get your nervous system fit! Explore effective techniques to restore your energy and renew your body/mind. During this supportive class students will discover how attention to the breath reduces muscular tension and improves circulation. This class is for everyone.

  • Wall Vinyasa - Resist being intimidated by the WALL. This is not an inversion class. We will be using the wall as a tool to strengthen, feel grounded, refine alignment and explore the asana as an opportunity to discover new space in the body. There may be an inversion woven in here and there and as usual everything is optional and child's pose is always there for you. You will work hard in this class. Wall work is really fun and you will get stronger with this practice. (this wall class is not recommended for novice students) 

  • Yin - Postures(shapes) held for periods of time. Targets-tendons, ligaments, joints and fascia. Deep openings for hips, low back, neck and shoulders. Great for everyone, fantastic for those who are athletic. Frees up stress held around the joints. No Yoga experience necessary.

  • Yoga Workout - This class is for experienced students without injuries, or for students who have the awareness to protect themselves if injured. It is predominately an athletic and energy activating Yoga practice. This class is designed to build energy and carry it from one posture to the next, and to increase the body's capacity to hold energy and the mind's capacity to witness.

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